Making Progress with the New Website

Markdown, Markup

I am continuing to familiarize myself with markdown programming language. It is not very difficult to use but tricky to know if I am using everything correctly. Luckily I have not done anything to destroy the base pages of my website, but there is definitely room to grow and customize almost anything on each page. I don’t feel like getting too into the weeds today on the ins and outs of Markdown, but I will say that it is not overly intimidating if you are willing to take it slow.

I currently have the following pages working, or at least presenting material and not just placeholder text.

  • Cover Page - This is formatted as a Splash Page Layout. I think it looks rather nice and sets up nicely.
  • Blog Page - This was already built by default, but I did manage to move some of the backend around to organize it closer to what I would like. I think there are some broken pathways to categories and tags that I am working on getting to work better.
  • Portfolio - This is a key parent page that will host all of my recent projects with thumbnails and clickable links so you can drill into each page in further detail.
  • Recent Project Pages - I have one project posted to my website in the Portfolio page so I can see how it looks, and the basic layout for portfolio work looks great and has a nice carousel for images. I think it will make a nice template for all my other projects that I plan to upload to the website. One key is to edit all of the images to be the same size so that they layout in the grid cleanly and are not oversized to slow down the load times.
  • Digital Garden - I added a page that links directly to my Digital Garden hosted on GitBook. This resource is something that I plan to grow over time and house my collective knowledge of architecture that I have gained throughout my career. This asset I hope finds future architects and encourages them to share what they have learned to keep it going. Some call it Learning in Public.

Looking Ahead

I am planning on building out my portfolio page with more projects, so check back for those. I am also planning on blogging about it here so check back here for more posts in the future. The funny part is that I am enjoying this process way more than I thought I would and also way more than I used to when I was building my website with other commonly used platforms


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